// Sometimes I tell myself that life is hard//

And then I realise that im just sitting here watching usagi drop and eating smoked


Its 4am and im self feeling concious with everything.


// On a side note//

The guy in charge of my Uni’s extracurricular activities advertised the drawing workshop Ill be teaching with one of my old Muse Fanarts… (feat. Chiby candyface Bellamy) I have NO idea where he found that but goodness gracious Im glad que le ridicule ne tue pas.

Internet leaks from your awkward teenage years have the potential to haunt you til the day you kick the bucket. Snazzy.


Okay Ill just make an improvement list and hope that my 2-years-old-from-now self will read this with a satisfied grin on her face
(If not what have you been up to you SLOTH?)

Things I want to do more often:
-practice drawing, painting, anatomy and color
-make some troidé
-cook, sew and clean
-learn to knit
-play innovative games
-sew… Yeah
-see people

Things I want to do less:
-watch cartoons
-play the same games again and again (that only applies to the 2013 sources of my past abuses aka Pokemon, Lol, Mass Effect and MTG)
-bully the cat

And this is the part where I start to nervously reblog shit to convince myself I enjoy a wide range of interests and activities that define myself as an intectual individual

// Early adulthood shifts ohh //

All i’ve been focussing on lately is school, practice, animation and video games . Its such a shame because there are so many things id love to do. I want to draw more, clean more, cook, sew, learn to knit.
I want to pick up books again, and even if I wouldnt know where to start, I feel like I need them to keep my mind sharp.
I want to create more. And blog about it.

Its so frustrating, it feels like im wasting so much time… ;n;


Fire Stone - Dragon’s Breath Opal

Leaf Stone - Moss Agate

Water Stone - Ocean Opal

Moon Stone - Opal

Sun Stone - Fire Opal

Dusk Stone - Fluorite

Dawn Stone - Opal

I kept seeing these around Tumblr and my mind kept going one place.

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I absolutely LOVED the entire fable series, well I didn’t get to play Fable 2 just yet, but still! I fell in love with the posters they had up on the loading screen, they’re just so amazing. It’s steampunk-ish theme and vintage texture.. Ahh.. I’m in love. I wonder if I could have one of these blown up and somehow glue onto a canvas. (:

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For my cousin~  her fav champion


For my cousin~  her fav champion

babakagami said: Hello if you don't mind my asking, I came upon your Anna cosplay and it is magnificent! I was wondering how you went about it? I'm looking into possibly doing an Anna cosplay myself but I have no way of starting.

Hi!! Thank you so much, your message made my day :)
I’ll try my best to help you briefly since tumblr doesnt allow a lot of text. (or does it now? I keep writting and I haven’t seen the limitation yet :Y)

First of all try to figure out what you’ll making from scratch and what youll be using modified objects for. Also make your life easier by thinking of similar exhisting objects that you can use for reference/as a base. I painted boots that I got from value village, wig is a Kyoko wig (from Madoka), top is a modified collar shirt pattern, pants are from a really basic bloomers tutorial, cape is from a modified vampire cape pattern. Didnt have time to make the boots armor/gauntlet tho, but I would have used craft foam or thermoplastic)

Plan everything, think thoroughly of how youll be doing things before you buy anything. Also, there are tons of cosplay tutorials out there so a little reserch will help you greatly :) If you want me to link you to the most useful ones for Anna just ask! I’ll try to find them.

Start with the most important pieces for your character (usually the upper pieces) then finish with the details/lower pieces (so if you dont have enough time your costume will still be wearable; people usually dont look at your feet) Still, don’t be afraid to pay attention to details as you are making the costume, because they can add a lot to it!

Oh and to me, the most important thing is: keep a balanced, planned color scheme. I think most people go for fabric/wigs that are waaaaay too bright. You are not a cartoon so dont be afraid to tone down the colors;  it will add a certain realism to the costume that will suit you better. Then again, it kinda depends on what you are cosplaying, but I think FE:A has a serious tone to it.

If there’s anything else just ask, i’d love to help! 

Have fun making your costume and take pictures! ;)

Not a cat.